My Story of why I love the Latter-day Saints

Pastor James Hazelton

My Story...


I'm so happy that you came to this website!  I love you and my deepest desire is that you may have a true, and full relationship with Jesus!  I'm Pastor James Hazelton.

I was raised in Richland Washington, which surprisingly has a good sized LDS population.  In 1987, when I was 16 years old I had a Mormon girlfriend that introduced me to her church by meeting with the missionaries.  I knew next to nothing about religion, and was a professing atheist.  Through those discussions with the missionaries I came to believe in the Book of Mormon although I never actually joined the Church, and here is why...

My parents knew of a Christian man that has a passion and love for Latter-day Saints, as I do now.  His name is Marshall Almarode.  Marshall led me through several discussions, showing me things the LDS missionaries had not, most notably the teaching that men can become Gods of their own worlds.  The end result was I did not join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but the story doesn't end there...

I will say that God, in His own wisdom, did allow Mormonism in my life and used it to bring me from Atheism to Theism.  However, that was just the first step in God's calling on my life and future service to Him.  God had opened my heart and my mind to Himself, and in simple faith I called out to Him to save me from my sins, and He did it!  That was 1989...

After going to Bible College I moved to Utah in 1995 as a missionary to the Mormons.  I went to Calvary Chapel Bible College and graduated from The North American Reformd Seminary (Bachelors of Theological Studies). I was kind of dangerous, like a shot gun in the hands of a toddler.  I knew a lot of "stuff" but had little experience or tact.  That has changed, as I have been researching, writing, making videos, hosting seminars, and talking with Latter-day Saints for 23 years in Southern Utah.   My love and understanding of Latter-day Saints grows continually. 

I'm really no one special. I'm just a guy that loves Jesus and has learned a few things over the years.  I've been amazed at how God has allowed me to serve Him as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor, and a s missionary to the  Latter-day Saints in beautiful Southern Utah.  God truly is full of grace and mercy.