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Is God a Racist?

Is God a Racist? 


Young Latter-day Saints may not know about this part of LDS history.  The church taught in the past, as official doctrine, that performance in the pre-existence determined the conditions of your birth on earth.  Simply put, if you performed well in the pre-existence, you would be born white and in an LDS family; if you performed poorly, you would be born black and in less favorable conditions. Read this booklet of mine (Pastor James Hazelton) and contact me for further discussion. 

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Did you ever wonder what the LDS church used to teach about non-white people prior to 1978?  Read this old LDS book from the 1960's.  It's not "Anti-Mormon" it's "Pro-Mormon" and was written to defend what the Church taught when the book was written.  VERY EYE OPENING!!

CLICK HERE  to read "Mormonism and the Negro" and "The Church and the Negroid People" by John J. Steward and William E. Berret, Vice President of BYU. 

Can I become a God?

Am I a God in Embryo?  

Does the Bible really teach that men, if they are worthy, can be exalted to godhood?  This was the issue that prevented me (James Hazelton) from joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints almost 30 years ago.

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